AHHHHH I have been excited to write about this topic all week, to the point where each time I began writing, I would stop to look up articles and quotes that fueled the topic and helped me narrow down what I wanted to talk about: BEING the energy you want to attract…. and creating your own tribe

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They are your people. The people you call when something great happens, something painful happens, an emergency is going on, when you need help finding the perfect interview outfit, discussion on that upcoming date, awful dates, big life decisions… etc etc etc. They are the people we can call at any time. Is your family your tribe? They can be! I know I have some amazing family members that are always there for me and me for them. In writing this, I’ve thought about own Tribe, and definitely see family in it- but there are sure a lot of amazing friends in it too.

I read this fantastic article written by Drank the Paint and absolutely loved it. In it, Beth wrote about her ideal tribe in her creative world she lives in each day, but outside of the creative realm, these “Tribe Members” exist too! According to Beth, here are the top 5 members every real tribe should have: 1. The Mentor Expert-someone you look up to in every way. The one who has their shit together. People love them, want to be around them, and they are a ball of positive energy. 2. The Tough Critic-someone who shoots right from the hip, tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid of your feelings. You need this person, and you’ll learn to like this person more an more as your relationship grows. 3The Cheerleader- the one person who thinks everything you do is awesome and is always so positive. They like or comment on everything of yours on social media and support your goals and dreams. 4. The Trenchmate- that friend that is going through the exact same thing as you are or have been through. You need someone that you can vent with and share both triumphs and tragedy; Go through it together and celebrate successes. And lastly 5. The Wild Card- your friend who is always down for something crazy or for an adventure. They can make you laugh or distract you from anything. You need at least one Wildcard to keep you sane. (Thanks Beth!)

Think of these categories and the people in your life who fall into them. Do you already have a tribe? Maybe you’re building one or feel like you’re missing a few pieces. How do you find members of your tribe?


Inspirational quote of the day: be the energy you want to attract!                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Get out there and make connections! Is there someone in your life you wish you were a little closer to? Maybe they encompass from great qualities and traits you’d like to be around and have rub off on you- spend time with these people. Whether it’s a coffee date, small talk in the office, etc- the ” light bringers, magic makers, world shifters and game shakers” are out there! Find them and make them a part of your Tribe!

So why do you need one? You don’t. BUT if you’re able to at least think about one person who falls into these five categories, you have a support network that is not only there for you, but helps build you up! In my opinion, my tribe keep me sane. Think about your job. When you need help with something, you know the resources you can use and how to find help. Your tribe is like that- the people who can give you that thing that you need (even if you don’t know you need) when you need it!

So who is in your Tribe? Anyone you wish was in it? Don’t be afraid to get out there and network!!.. and if you have any vacant spots, you can always count me in 🙂

To you and your Tribe,



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