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How To Use Your Time Wisely

How to use your time wisely.

It’s funny I’m writing about this… Because I am a prime example of how to use your time poorly. Not consistently, of course, and probably not as poorly as most, {as you know I love volunteering, giving back, etc}, but where it has mattered lately, I feel like I’ve short-changed a few areas of my life.

But, this is the exact reason why I’m writing about it. I’ve thought long and hard the last 2 months about how I am spending my time: where I feel like I’m wasting it and where I need to give more.

To discover that you’re wasting your time is crazy… Which is where I am now. I’ve been wasting way too much time on situations and people who don’t mean a lot to me… And have watched people I love and places where I’m needed, not get what they deserve.

It took some time for me to get to this point and it took a lot of deep digging to realize I wanted to make a change. It’s interesting, but sometimes you find support and inspiration in places you least expect. My boss, who maybe could have been typical-boss status at times, is one person I bounce many feelings and situations off of. She’s open minded and listens. She listens. What a rare quality that means so much… But you don’t find in many people. It means a lot to know I can have real life conversations with her that help me think/sort thoughts out.

So here are the “actionables” I personally am working on to make sure I’m giving time where I feel is important. I’ve made it into a picture with hopes that it’s easy for you to save and use as you feel needed.


How to Use Your Time Wisely:

1. Define what Quality Time means to you.
2. Create a list of people/things that are deserving of your time.
3. Take #1 and #2 and decide how much of your time each listed item deserves.
4. If something feels off, it probably is. Revisit #2.
5. KNOW that it is okay to say NO.
6. Say No.

My biggest take away from the list I’ve created is to say no. Like many of you, I choose to be a people pleaser. I say yes when I should say no, and too often it’s because I want to make others happy, rather than myself and the people in my life who deserve it.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes something big needs to happen, to help us see the bigger picture, but it’s moments like that where we need to listen, and make changes. I’m sure this won’t be as easy as I hope it would be, but here’s to saying No, and making sure you spend your time wisely.

✨🌟 Aurora Beani

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Being Able To Move Forward From Personal Fears And Suffering


“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”

I’m so hard on myself. Do you ever feel the same? Ever have something happen to you, whether it’s a moment of something hurtful or it was over a period of time, and you just can’t let it go? You allow this occurrence to take up so much room in your heart and mind, and feel like you’re about to drive yourself crazy? In reality, I’d say it’s comparable to self torture.

You take the occurrence that happens, and allow it to snowball in your mind {to places it shouldn’t be} and let it effect your daily thoughts and mood. It’s so sad, and unnecessary for us to do this to ourselves.

While I know it is easier said than done {I’m living proof of this all time!}, it’s so important to take these burdens off your shoulders and try to move into a more positive, suffer-free future.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I’ve had things over the last few months I let continuously bother me. Where I found that many of us do it too, is in recent situations where friends and family have shared their suffering as well.

We hold onto relations we shouldn’t, hurt ourselves with past disappointments and rather than move on from it, we sometimes stick with that suffering because it’s familiar and what we’re used to. It’s easier to stand still sometimes rather than deal with the fear of moving forward. I get it… Because I’ve done {and do} it.

So what do you do to move forward? You tell yourself what you would tell a friend… And do it. Ever feel like you can give great advice, but when it comes to taking it, you can’t? While it’s always easier said than done, you owe yourself the opportunity to move past the negative in your life and to open a new perspective.

So as I write this, I am committing to closing a door that has bothered me for awhile, and am choosing to put down a cross I have carried, knowing it will improve my overall well being and mental solitude.

Take your advice you’d give to a good friend and run with it. You deserve to put the past BEHIND you and move forward. And I’m not saying it’ll be easy, I’m saying you can’t head down the road, until you take the first step.

β™‘-Aurora Beani