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New Year. New You. 2015


One of my all time favorite posts I’ve written & it’s all about RESOLUTIONS 2015!

You personally deserve nothing but the best. Click the link and think! What are you going to do differently in the new year? Me… total focus on financial and health wellbeing. Prioritizing bills, saving for our wedding and making those pesky doctor appointments I’ve been pushing off! This year I’ve been working on myself a lot and am happy with some changes I’ve made- with financial and health wellbeing becoming a primary focus, I know 2015 will be even more promising. How about you? Click the link & comment below on what you’re doing to better yourself in 2015!

To a sparkling new year ✨✨
-Aurora Beani

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10 Days Before Christmas- Mental Preparation


We are in my favorite time of year. For as long as I can remember, Christmas has been the most anticipated time of year for me. Since I was little my parents always made sure to make this time of year very special and full of family time and memory making. One thing they always made sure I understood, was how important it was to be grateful for the things we had, even though this time was so heavily focused on present giving and receiving.

This idea has had me thinking a lot lately. While I’ve been so worried about what presents to buy family, friends and coworkers, I really haven’t taken much time to be present myself and focus on what I’m grateful for. I think that’s common though, a lot of us spend so much time trying to find that perfect gift that I think it’s easy to get caught up and forget what exactly the point of the season is- being thankful.

It’s interesting when you think about it, we begin the season with the holiday Thanksgiving which stresses how important it is to appreciate your life and what you have and your loved ones around you. I think it’s perfect that this season begins with such a holiday because it kicks off that emotional feeling and awareness of what you have around you. This has got me thinking most specifically about the next 10 days and how Christmas is right around the corner. You begin going through the checklist in your mind of what you need: did I buy all the presents I need? Is there someone I missing on my list? How many more work days until I’m finally off? What time was that party I’m going to again? Did I send that all my Christmas cards on time? While all of these questions are sure to help you have a wonderful Christmas season, lately I’ve been feeling as though the real question should be am I prepared for Christmas?

Take the next 10 days to think about these questions:

1.Am I remembering the reasons why I’m blessed?

2. Is there love in my heart, thoughts and messages?

3. How have I made a difference in the life of someone less fortunate than me?

4. Am I appreciative of my circumstances: job, housing, relationships etc?

This will help you be present in this season of giving! Write in the comments what you’re doing to prepare your heart and mind for the Christmas holiday. I will be selecting one person this Friday 12-19 to win a $20 gift card to Target to help with last minute shopping! Can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada!

Your 10 Day Timer starts…. Now.

✨- Aurora Beani


25,000 Views Celebration!-Holiday Hope Chest Campaign

***Update*** 12-1-14

Hi Everyone!!!! I will be at the Panera on Airport Rd tomorrow night {Tues 12/2/14} from 6pm-730 to accept boxes from those who have not been able to meet me or drop off at Target! I will also be there again on Thursday {12/4/14} from 6:30pm-7:15pm!!! Please let me know if you’re going to stop by and drop your boxes off!

If you are unable to make these times, Target on Airport Rd in Allentown is also accepting them on our behalf at their guest service counter! Please leave your boxes and name and let them know to give them to Janelle {she works there and is making sure I receive them}!!

Pleaseeeee message me with any questions! Each of you are truly making the difference in a life of a child, and it’s SO incredibly inspiring!! Love you all!


Oct 28th Post:::

Hello Everyone!!

Can you believe we are already less than 2 months away from Christmas? Where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday I was asking who would be interested in donating Holiday Hope Chests for Lehigh Valley children… and here we are again for another year!


When I started The Weekly Sparkle, I set out to make a difference through social media by inspiring others to do good locally. Whether it was through thought provoking blogs, The 100 Happy Days Challenge ( a one stop shop to locally volunteer in our “Community Support Calendar” or above all, promoting positive thinking, the goal of The Weekly Sparkle was always to spark change. Over the last year and half, I’ve been able to speak with people from all over the world (53 countries to be exact) who have gone to my site and expressed appreciation or wanted to share a similar experience they had to topics on the site. This has been nothing short of amazing. I can honestly tell you that I feel as though this website has done more and has gone further than I could have ever dreamed, and that I feel so thankful for the incredible support I’ve received.

From the bottom of my heart.. THANK YOU for all of the messages, kinds words, re-posts, Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and every other bit of support all of you have provided. I love you more than you know.

So, to celebrate The Weekly Sparkle reaching out to 25,000 individuals since it’s first post less than 2 years ago, we have decided to run a campaign to help others!!! (Surprise, surprise)! This years the goal of the Holiday Hope Chest campaign we are running, is to donate 250 gift boxes to children in need across the Lehigh Valley! Can you help us make this happen? Do you and your friends at work what to commit to boxes? How about some family members? We had a small goal last year, and ended up donating over 70 boxes for children! How incredible!

Here is how it works: You let me know how many boxes you’d like to donate (or your coworkers, friends, family, etc) and I give you the ages and sex of the child whose Hope Chest you can create! For example, if you receive a six year old girl, you could get them barbie items, coloring books, stickers, gloves, etc… basically ANYTHING that a child may want/need that fits in a shoe box. We ask that you wrap the base of the box and the lid of the box separate, so that each box can be examined before giving it to the child, but that it stills appears wrapped.

I will announce numerous drop off points throughout the Valley in the upcoming weeks, with a few nights that I will be at Panera off Airport Rd for drop offs. Until then, I would LOVE to see some committments for Holiday Hope Chests!!!! I would like to have them all in by Monday December 1st, to ensure proper delivery by Christmas!

Below are pictures of an example box and myself with some of our boxes from last year!!!! Check it out!

Let’s inspire the Lehigh Valley to sparkle more, shall we 🙂

Xo – Aurora Beani

Holiday Hope Chest 2

Holiday Hope Chest