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One Year of Happiness- #100HappyDays x 4! 


Is it possible to be happy for 100 days in a row? I can confidently tell you, yes, because I’ve done it. Is it possible to be happy for 200 or 300 consecutive days? I can tell you yes to that too- because I’ve reached those mile markers as well. Somewhere during my 200s I decided that I wanted to complete ONE YEAR of happiness and that I was going to do it by not letting a day go by without finding something that made me happy and grateful for the life I have. I blogged about this experience as I began it because I wanted to see who would pledge along with me- a few of you did, and I know in comparing stories that someone of us finished, and most of us did not. IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY to find something every single day that makes us happy, but that’s what the #100HappyDays campaign is all about!


 I am a currently on my 4th consecutive round of #100happydays as I have been tracking my own personal “#365HappyDays” to achieve a better, happier life! Can someone find happy moments every day for a year? They can! My thought is, people want to be happy I was one of them. This challenge helped me to see that there are small things every single day that contribute to our happiness- why not celebrate them? If we open our eyes to what is already there, the world can be a lot happier of a place, we just need to take a second each day and do it! Here are some of my favorite happy days this year:



The year was filled with my grandmothers 94 birthday, my grandparents celebrating 60 years of marriage, my cousin getting pregnant with the most beautiful baby boy Linkin, volunteer events, my engagement (!!!!), vacation with my closest friends and that amazing gift from my best friend. All moments that I want to treasure forever, and made average days happier.  During this challenge, on many days that could have been labeled as “bad days” I found that I was able to turn around the way I felt, by simply noticing the innocent way my pup was laying on my lap or a thoughtful letter a friend sent from far away just to say hello. These are the things that make happy days! Bad days have a habit of creeping up on us, and changing the possibility of a really great day to happen! Don’t be one of those people who let a bad moment make a bad day! It’s a decision, choose to be happy. To beginning year 2… ✨

Click Here to join the movement now!!

-Aurora Beani

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100 Happy Days Challenge


This is it! The Weekly Sparkle has been active for the better part of a year now, and our 10,000th view is upon us! With this big milestone right around the corner, we wanted to think of the best way to celebrate and help our viewers continue to become their Best Self!

One of my amazing friends shared this incredible movement with me and I knew this was the best way to continue to motivate and inspire our viewers to STAY POSITIVE! It’s the #100HappyDays challenge and I’m adding a #DailySparkle twist to it!


I want you to think about the last time you were truly appreciative. What did that look like? How did it feel? Remember how happy you were in that moment? I bet you can picture it in your mind right now, and it’s even making you happy in this moment.

THESE are the moments I challenge you to acknowledge every day.

I’m sure now you’re wondering WHY you should do this?


Most importantly, you’re recognizing the amazing life you’ve been given, and while at times it can be hard, it’s your only guaranteed time here and you might as well make it worthwhile.

What you do!:: Take 1 picture a day of a moment in which you’re happy. Give it the hashtag #100HappyDays {and/or #DailySparkle} and upload it to a social network of your choice! What I’m going to do, is upload these to my Instagram page, as well as create a Facebook album {on The Weekly Sparkle} dedicated to my #100HappyDays showing my #DailySparkle and what inspired me to smile that day! At the end I will print the pictures and have a memory of 100 amazing, happy moments. Will you join me?

Day 1 begins today, April 3rd, 2014. Start any day you’d like, but why wait?

Thank you for 10,000 reasons to be happy. You guys are the best!

✨💖 -Aurora Beani

P.S. You can officially register here.