The Beginning of Great

Hi, I’m Aurora! I’m a young 25 year old who is trying to leave my mark on the world. After talking about having a website for months, I’ve finally had the opportunity and motivation to move forward with one, with the help and direction of my amazing boyfriend, Joe. 

In the first post of this site, you can see his words to me and how he created this to help me get my message out there and to spread positivity to everyone who reads! 

Since then, I’ve molded the site into my ideal giving hub and hope that when you visit, you leave feeling good and wanting to pay it forward! 

The Weekly Sparkle is meant to be the boost of positivity and light that each of us could use to put our BEST self out there. The Sparkle is the goodness we put out into the world and the outcome of those actions passes the Sparkle forward. Follow along with me as I discuss positive/ thought provoking things going on around us, and view my Community Outreach Calendar to see what’s going on in the community and where you can become active!!! 

I’d love any and all feedback and comments on posts!! Thanks for reading 🙂