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It’s Not About You


It’s Not About You

Wow. These four words, while small, are extremely powerful. I had the opportunity of standing among some of the most motivated and inspiring people in the Lehigh Valley last night, and some of their words really stuck with me. At the annual Lehigh Valley Suits Awards, one award recipient started her acceptance speech with these four words. I’ve read them before from the book The Purpose Driven Life and was reminded that these are the very first words in the entire book.

This is what giving is all about. It’s not you. It’s not for you to get something from it, it’s not for personal gain, it’s not for praise or awards. You give and do good things, for others, for them. I love this. This honoree continued by stating that giving and helping others is about the reward and not the award. We do things to benefit others, and then see the amazing impact that was made and how others, communities, etc are changed. You propel the change by your good acts, and then the ripple affect begins! It really is amazing to think about.

How can you give now and immediately? The easiest everyday example of giving would be to smile at everyone you see. Think about it. What if each person you walked by, made eye contact with, passed in the office, etc. you consciously made the effort to smile or say hello to. It’s a small gesture, but I can personally attest to the power of a smile when feeling down or in a bad mood. The easiest thing to give, a smile. Simple concept, great reward.

The other speakers last night were nothing short of inspiration and their impact in our Lehigh Valley community is remarkable. I am proud to have been able to stand among them, and am honored to have received the Emerging Leader Award sponsored by the United Way.

The award ceremony last night made me appreciate the efforts of those right here in our community who are make positive changes and leaving their mark every day. My challenge for you is to see where you can make a difference, and go for it. The first step to volunteering and making a difference is to actually get up and go.

Find your passion, light the spark and make it happen.

And remember, it’s not about you.

Pay it forward ✨

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