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10 Days Before Christmas- Mental Preparation


We are in my favorite time of year. For as long as I can remember, Christmas has been the most anticipated time of year for me. Since I was little my parents always made sure to make this time of year very special and full of family time and memory making. One thing they always made sure I understood, was how important it was to be grateful for the things we had, even though this time was so heavily focused on present giving and receiving.

This idea has had me thinking a lot lately. While I’ve been so worried about what presents to buy family, friends and coworkers, I really haven’t taken much time to be present myself and focus on what I’m grateful for. I think that’s common though, a lot of us spend so much time trying to find that perfect gift that I think it’s easy to get caught up and forget what exactly the point of the season is- being thankful.

It’s interesting when you think about it, we begin the season with the holiday Thanksgiving which stresses how important it is to appreciate your life and what you have and your loved ones around you. I think it’s perfect that this season begins with such a holiday because it kicks off that emotional feeling and awareness of what you have around you. This has got me thinking most specifically about the next 10 days and how Christmas is right around the corner. You begin going through the checklist in your mind of what you need: did I buy all the presents I need? Is there someone I missing on my list? How many more work days until I’m finally off? What time was that party I’m going to again? Did I send that all my Christmas cards on time? While all of these questions are sure to help you have a wonderful Christmas season, lately I’ve been feeling as though the real question should be am I prepared for Christmas?

Take the next 10 days to think about these questions:

1.Am I remembering the reasons why I’m blessed?

2. Is there love in my heart, thoughts and messages?

3. How have I made a difference in the life of someone less fortunate than me?

4. Am I appreciative of my circumstances: job, housing, relationships etc?

This will help you be present in this season of giving! Write in the comments what you’re doing to prepare your heart and mind for the Christmas holiday. I will be selecting one person this Friday 12-19 to win a $20 gift card to Target to help with last minute shopping! Can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada!

Your 10 Day Timer starts…. Now.

✨- Aurora Beani

2 thoughts on “10 Days Before Christmas- Mental Preparation

  1. I’m preparing to continue one of my great grandmother’s traditions – cookie boxes for friends and family members, and hopefully I’ll be baking with my mother or my best friend and her kids.

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