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I Never Thought I’d Be One of THOSE Girls. 

“What is that?!” The question I’d often ask when I’d see the green cup of yuck pictured about. SmoothiesWhen I would think about smoothies in the past, even up until two weeks ago, I would think, how gross!? Think about it, you can put anything you want into smoothies. You can add bananas, kale, strawberries, yogurt, really, any fruit or vegetable you could think of and then some. 

As someone looking to look amazing in a wedding dress in a little more than a year, I searched for an alternative to just a regular dieting, really, I was looking for something that I actually like! While I enjoy fruits and vegetables, I wanted to try something that would be filling and giving me even more of a nutritional value. When my roommate began making smoothies, she offered for me to try one, and I immediately knew this was something I wanted to continue, so where do I start?

What do you put in smoothies? I thought to myself. I knew the fruits I liked, but what is BEST for your body?! I searched online and found some recipes I liked, and visited a great site: Emerald City Smoothie that not only is a business, but they show you ingredients to make great smoothies right in your home!! My fiancé had a nutritionist from their location come in to his work to show them great and healthy recipes that actually taste great, so that peaked my interest even more. 

The picture above is my actual smoothie I made for breakfast this morning that tastes absolutely incredible and helped me to feel full all morning into lunch time! Ingredients: 2 bananas, orange juice, spinach, lime juice, grapes and lots of ice! Easy and filling. 

Join me on my adventure to discovering new and healthy ways to get in shape and feel great! 

To healthy living… 💋


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