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Beginning a New Career- Saying Goodbye and Hello at Once. 

  You’ve got a new job. If you’re anything like me, change is not your strong suit. Many times in my life, I’ve run away from change like the plague and usually need to remind myself I can handle what’s changing and to continue to remain positive. I see this in my relationships, schooling decisions, friendships, living situations and the list goes on and on. What I love about writing however is that I’ve always tried to remain honest and share more of what I’m thinking than what I think people normally disclose. The biggest decision I have made so far in my life has been made- I chose a new career path and while I’m absolutely excited, I’m terrified

If you’ve found your way to my post, you’ve probably done a Google or Pinterest search wondering how others have handled getting a job job and/or leaving a job they really liked for a new opportunity. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because this doesn’t get much more spot on than that. I’m at this pivotal moment in my life, where an incredible career opportunity has presented itself to me, and through a lot of discussion {with myself and loved ones} and tons of list making {pros/cons etc}, I’ve elected to choose the career that will best fit my life and person goals. With this, I chose to walk away from a career where I had spent the last 10 years growing as a young professional and developing my leadership skills, along with lifelong friends and co-workers, who easily formed into a second family. Scary, right? Yes. 

Leaving your comfort zone is painful. It makes sense to me why people stay places where they are long overdue. When I reflect on how difficult the last three weeks have been for me, it makes complete sense. When you feel great in a place you work, why would you leave?  This is a question I’ve become a professional at answering recently, although it took me a week to figure out what the genuine answer was. Personal. 

The answer is personal. To be honest, with how hard this decision was, in the end it was completely personal. Meaning, I had to take my own life into consideration and think about what was best for me. And while working in a great environment where I felt impactful and appreciated was fulfilling and great, looking at what I wanted for my future (family, wedding, goals, travel etc) finally became clear to me. 

So I guess my advice would be to make sure you evaluate everything. As cliché as it sounds, write out your lists. Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper and list ever pro and every con you can think of. Bounce the list off someone you trust if you need it, but remember that the decision is yours. While talking it out with my fiancé and family {knowing they’d be impacted too} I appreciated that none of them told me what they would do or what they thought would be best for me- they let me figure it out on my own, offering support as I needed it. The last thing you want to do is add any additional stress to yourself, feeling as though you need to make someone else happy. 

Good luck in your thought process & if I can help… Come below!

To life decisions… 💟



2 thoughts on “Beginning a New Career- Saying Goodbye and Hello at Once. 

  1. I’ve been caught in the same situation. I have been struggling with trying to figure out how to make ends meet once we (me and my guy) start moving. Between choosing whether I want to switch careers or not and doing what makes me happy, it gets really stressful just thinking about it. I’m glad you wrote this article Aurora. Best wishes with your new career!

    1. Thank you Linh! I’ll tell you what, I had been in a place for awhile where I knew the outcome I wanted might not be available to me. I knew I wanted something that made me happy- even if it meant something I love- or considering a pay difference. I took everything into account & made the decision based on what was best for me (which is what made me the most happy)! Good luck to you dear! Even though it’s stressful, we usually end up doing me what makes us happy! ❤️ Take care! Xoxo

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