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Why The Hell Not. 

Have you ever wanted to start something but were afraid to take the leap? “Something” can be anything… It could be a diet, work out routine, joining a dating site, going for that promotion, moving somewhere you’ve always wanted to live, standing up to someone, running a marathon, telling someone you love them, leaving a hurtful relationship, taking that vacation – anything that you’d have to hit the gas pedal on and not lift your foot until you’ve reached your destination.    
   Honestly. Why the hell not? I’ve written a ton of blogs that address my starting this website and what it means to me to connect to people world wide about a range of topics. I’ve always wanted a connector like this, or an outlet, and never took the time to research and discover it. 

Until one day, I did

I think a lot of us think of things we want or what to do, and put them on the back burner because we’re afraid, don’t know where to start, fear the unknown, we’re comfortable right now or we come up with another excuse that pushes what we want away. We think that we will have time. I’m telling you because I know, and I’ve been there {and will be there again I’m sure}, that we don’t. You don’t. When you have something you want to do in your life, now is the time. Not tomorrow or next year, because tomorrow and next year become the next day and the following year. Why risk that the one thing you really want won’t happen? It’s silly isn’t it?  We do a million different things each day, but how many of these things bring us closer to what we want? You don’t like your job– are you taking the time to look into ones that might better suit you? You want to lose weight- are you still eating things that you know aren’t healthy? You are unhappy in your relationship- but do you help correct what’s making you unhappy or leave this relationship? I think a key thing many of us forget is that you’re not alone. In the driver seat of your life, no one else can push the gas pedal but you- however, there’s always someone to help pump the gas.

My website is the example. I knew I wanted to reach people in a positive way and to get my insights/thoughts out there with the hope of inspiring others, both to think deeply and let them know they aren’t alone in their thoughts. I wanted to do this for some time, and with the help and encouragement of my boyfriend (now fiancé) I was able to get this idea off the ground, and find out more information on starting a website. He helped put the gas in my tank, because he knew the correct way to do it and what resources to offer me. Who in your life could help you get to where you want to be? Who inspires you? Motivates you? Who is someone you look up to or admire? Essentially, who knows things about the stuff that you don’t? We can’t be afraid to tap into the assistance of others. That’s what networking, friendships and relationships are all about. 

In a former job that I held, I would often encourage my class of clients to imagine themselves in the position they wanted- then– had them fill in the blanks of how they got there. Who did they need to contact? What did they need on their resume? Did they have a connection to help get their foot in the door? I find myself doing this all the time in my own life. It doesn’t have to be a big task, it would be as easy as learning how to cook healthier meals or how to write a business proposal. Come up with A, imagine yourself at Z, and fill in the rest. 

Three years ago I imagined a website that would inspire others and spread positivity world wide  where needed. I wasn’t sure where to start, but found the right person to help make that dream a reality. Currently, I am writing to you from my website, The Weekly Sparkle, which I’ve run for almost three years. As of today, with this post, I’ve connected to individuals in 182 countries (!!!whoa!!!) world wide and have reached 100,000 views. In this time I’ve also expanded to Facebook and receive emails weekly from people around the world who want to connect on a topics I’ve written about or who are seeking advice. It’s absolutely, amazing. 

So I’m asking you, what is the one thing you really want right now in your life? How can you start taking the steps to get there? Sure, it may be scary, or not the right time, but will it ever be? Taking risks can be nerve wracking, and perhaps you might not succeed at first, or come to the success that you envision. But if you don’t hit the gas now, when will you? 

Go for it. Why the hell not. 

💕- Aurora 

Thank you to everyone who has helped make my dream a reality. 100,000 positive vibes go out to each and every one of you! Cheers ✨

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