It’s A Good Day For A Good Day! 

Every single day is a good day for a good day!! Something I’ve been grappling with lately is allowing myself to simply enjoy life. It’s not the easiest of feats but I know that it is absolutely possible. So how do you decide in your mind that it will be a good day? I think it starts with  addressing the points that would make it a not so good day! In other words, you can’t ignore the bad to find the good- sometimes looking the negative in the face gives you power over it. Each of us will encounter things throughout our day, week, lifetime that will require us to adjust our sails and activily fight to stay on a route of gratitude, appreciation and positivity. 

If there was a a magic pill you could take to make every day a good day, I’d tell you what it is, but knowing that you have the power to make each day a GREAT one, is amazing. I’ve decided to start doing something each morning {if you’re a loyal reader, you know I’ve done this in the past- again, always a work in progress}, that will automatically help you get off on the right foot! I pray {or whatever you’d like to do for yourself- meditate or just speak silently to yourself} and thank God for 3 things I’m appreciative for before my feet even touch the ground. This morning they were 1. For my amazing husband whom I cannot imagine my life without {and today is our 2 month anniversary!} 2. The roof over our head, because I love to see what our home has become & 3. That holidays exist and this week was short and today is already Thursday! 

Very easy- as you can see- some are deeper than others, some are only for the moment- but I’ve been doing this each day for a week, and I can tell you the improvement is there! You feel good on the spot as you start your day!

I’ve also found this list and think I might try this as well: 

I’ll be honest: I’m probably going to print this out and place it by my night stand. It’s a great idea and a list I would need to reference the first few days to ensure I don’t miss anything! 

I hope you’re having a GOOD DAY, because today is the PERFECT DAY for it! 😘🌟🌺


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