It does not matter to me who you vote for. What is important is that YOU VOTE! So often people have opinions and don’t take the one BIGGEST opportunity to let their voices be heard! If you are registered to vote, go! If you don’t know who you want to vote for, there are plenty of websites like Washington Post who ask “Are you curious which U.S. presidential candidate best aligns with your personal views, values and priorities?” By clicking the link, you can take a few minutes to position yourself on 20 statements and see where you stand relative to the candidates.

Other sites with quizzes to help you are: ProCon and I Side With 

BECOME educated! Social media and news outlets have so much sway over what we see/hear and ultimately think. It’s not too late to gain some education on who you want to vote for tomorrow based on what’s important to you! As for me, I’m headed to bed shortly so my husband and I can head to the polls early in the morning before work! 

God Bless America,


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