Living in Kindness

Kindness. Do I really need to say more? We are at this point currently, I believe as a country (world?), where being nice and having compassion for your fellow man does not exist as much as it used to/should. While we regularly see news from all over the world highlighting hate and war, there are things happening in our own communities that are building a culture of negativity and lack of compassion for others. 

BE NICE. Being positive, kind, respectful, grateful, appreciative… these are all reasons I created this blog- to exude these feelings and emotions, openly and honestly. Being nice to someone you don’t know or to someone you do, for nothing, can go a longer way than you’d never imagine. 

Challenge: this is something you can do RIGHT NOW. I’ve tried this recently, and it’s impact is more than I thought it would. So here it is…

Try not talking negative about anyone for 3 days.

“Oh that won’t be hard,” I’m sure you may have just thought. Well, trust me- I think that are multiple times throughout the day where you encounter someone or something irritating and it so easy to talk about it with people, coworkers, a friend, a spouse etc. 

Here’s the problem with that: unless you’re talking it through with someone (to find resolution or peace) is talking about them going to change the situation or add anything into your life but more negativity? No. Festering on negative feelings for someone is only going to bring you down… so knock it off. 

Speaking to myself here, too. 

Turn the other cheek. TRY THIS! And when you succeed (you may have to hit the re-start button a few times)- try it for 7 days…. then 10… then 14… and keep going! When you can stop talking negatively about people you’re upset with, people who hurt you, people who are just plain difficult- you’ll eventually feel some peace around your situation that you hadn’t before. 

I’m working on this too… so if we can help each other through it, let’s do it! Contact info is up top or a comment below is good too!

Let’s start talking more nicely and spread the kindness this world so desperately needs ❀️


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