Living with an Attitude of Gratitude

Wow… you want to talk about having a grateful heart! This is something I try to do each morning: I think of a few blessings in my life before I even let me feet touch the ground. Each day may have challenges ahead, but when your heart starts off with feelings of gratitude, you’re already one step ahead of where you would be! It’s not easy to always remember, so if you’re an alarm setter, may I recommend this:

Haha– wait, don’t tell me you’ve never done that! You need to start titling your alarms if you haven’t done it before! 😹 Not only does it motivate you if you actually read it, but attempting to read something from mid-sleep has a better chance of waking you up! Trust me!!

Wanna hear what’s got gratitude on my mind? Keep on reading

This week has left me with my heart feeling so completely full. A few days ago it was my birthday and the day before that I received this amazing award from our local United Way. There were many times in those 48 hours that I found myself getting a little teary-eyed, because so many people reached out with messages of love, congratulations and support! If getting the award wasn’t enough, pairing it with my birthday just put me into an emotional overload! I don’t care who you are, you can’t deny how amazing it feels on your birthday, in the world of social media, where you’re getting showered with shout outs and love just because it’s the day you were born!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to say the Internet can be a scary place, but on days like your birthday, it’s gold!

And I’m not gonna lie, I really needed that.

I think you can see in some of my last blog posts that I’ve really been thinking inward and have felt challenged by somethings going on in my life. Getting a little bit of birthday love and congrats about my award for my community involvement was something I didn’t know I would need, but left me feeling so happy, and grateful!

Happiness can stem from a lot of things. The one thing that I’ll say is that some of the happiest moments of my life stemmed from when I focus on being grateful for what I have. So this week is a perfect example of that – my heart was so full and overwhelmingly grateful for all of the love I received that I couldn’t help but be happy. When you feel grateful and lead your life and each day focused on gratitude, the result will always be happiness.

And to kick it back to the beginning of this… you have to end how you began. FINISH each day with a grateful heart. As you lay down in bed at night, instead of thinking of your troubles, fears, worries and anxieties, take a moment to stop and reflect. Remember all of those things you were grateful for earlier that day? They’re still there! Jump back on that wave and remind yourself that you have WAY MORE to be grateful for that you have to worry about. 

Feeling all the grateful vibes! Cheers!

-Aurora ✨✨✨

To read more about my Volunteer Service Award, click here!

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