Women Empowering Women  

Be a woman other women can trust. Have the courage to tell another woman direct when she has offended, hurt or disappointed you. Successful women have a loyal tribe of loyal & honest women behind them. Not haters. Not backstabbers or women who whisper behind their back. Be a woman who lifts other women.

This says it all. In today’s world there are enough hurdles for all of us to overcome… as women, we know other obstacles as well. With the difficulty and challenges the world places before us, the least we can do is empower each other. 

Lift up your fellow women- even if it’s challenging or a difficult message, it’ll be worth it. Some of the greatest advice I’ve ever gotten was from some female role models of mine. Who can you empower today?



It’s A Good Day For A Good Day! 

Every single day is a good day for a good day!! Something I’ve been grappling with lately is allowing myself to simply enjoy life. It’s not the easiest of feats but I know that it is absolutely possible. So how do you decide in your mind that it will be a good day? I think it starts with  addressing the points that would make it a not so good day! In other words, you can’t ignore the bad to find the good- sometimes looking the negative in the face gives you power over it. Each of us will encounter things throughout our day, week, lifetime that will require us to adjust our sails and activily fight to stay on a route of gratitude, appreciation and positivity. 

If there was a a magic pill you could take to make every day a good day, I’d tell you what it is, but knowing that you have the power to make each day a GREAT one, is amazing. I’ve decided to start doing something each morning {if you’re a loyal reader, you know I’ve done this in the past- again, always a work in progress}, that will automatically help you get off on the right foot! I pray {or whatever you’d like to do for yourself- meditate or just speak silently to yourself} and thank God for 3 things I’m appreciative for before my feet even touch the ground. This morning they were 1. For my amazing husband whom I cannot imagine my life without {and today is our 2 month anniversary!} 2. The roof over our head, because I love to see what our home has become & 3. That holidays exist and this week was short and today is already Thursday! 

Very easy- as you can see- some are deeper than others, some are only for the moment- but I’ve been doing this each day for a week, and I can tell you the improvement is there! You feel good on the spot as you start your day!

I’ve also found this list and think I might try this as well: 

I’ll be honest: I’m probably going to print this out and place it by my night stand. It’s a great idea and a list I would need to reference the first few days to ensure I don’t miss anything! 

I hope you’re having a GOOD DAY, because today is the PERFECT DAY for it! 😘🌟🌺


Making Decisions 


So do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide. -Meredith Grey

I absolutely love this. Not only because it’s a Grey’s Anatomy quote, but because it’s so bold and to the point. Is there something you want to change about yourself? Something you’re not happy with or want to change to feel better about yourself, your life, your current situation? DECIDE you want to change it, and push down on the gas- never lifting your foot until you’ve reached the destination you want to reach.

Personally, the last few months of my life have been so hectic and scattered. If you’ve read my previous blog, you’ve seen I recently got married- and in the time where everything is focused around YOU and YOU are supposed to be first- I lost myself at times. I decided that I was full steam ahead in wedding mode, and put some other things on the back burner that I want to pick back up now. 

I always want to share the things I’m personally feeling to not only be transparent, but to give an example of what I talk about in each post, with hopes it will help you reflect too. I’ve decided, I want to feel healthy again. The wedding and honeymoon were absolutely fantastic!.. but I’ve deciding to get to the point where I LOVE how I feel about MYSELF and that I can feel stronger.

What is the thing you need to decide to do, and what is the propelling motion you need to make that happen?


Oh my God- I’m married. 

You’ve spent months, maybe even years, planning one of the biggest days of your life!… And it just passed! How do you feel?? I’m sure similar as many of us new wives/husbands feel, but here is my experience and feelings. 

My incredible (new) husband Joe, proposed to me at our personally created and ran charity softball tournament in 2014. With over a year and a half to plan and save for our perfect day, it felt like the day would never come. ‘It’s going to be here before you know it’- everyone on the entire planet shared with me, and while I knew they were right, time always seems to go slower for the things you really anticipate (weddings, vacations etc). But I’ve been married for 3 weeks now (to date) and I can’t believe the day is already over!

I can tell you that all of the planning was worth it. From our awesome bridal party to the picture perfect ballroom…

…the day was better than I could have ever imagined and what a bride dreams her day to be. I am so thankful for the people in my life who made it all come together and that stood by my side through it all. Because sometimes wedding planning can be rough, present obstacles, people surprise you, vendors might be touchy, etc etc etc. You’ve experienced or read somewhere what I’m talking about and my wedding was no different. Some advice (even though it was super annoying to hear) is that::::

The day goes by so fast- enjoy!

I felt like my day was on fast forward the entire time! From our 8:00 beauty appointments…

…to the 10:00pm wrap from the DJ, it flew! The biggest piece of advice I took from this was enjoy the day, be present with your husband/wife, and if needed, be selfish with your time! If people want to see you, spend time, take a picture- they will find you. We had approximately 150 guests, at a 4 hour reception where we had about 3 hours of our time taken up by formalities… That left 1 hour to see people/mingle and do one or 2 things you wanted to do for yourself. The one item on my list: dance. We hired an incredible entertainment company for the sole reason that we and our guests/families LOVE to dance! At certain parts in the night, I asked my husband to make sure we were on the dance floor toward the end- and we were! ☑️ right off my list! 

I’m going to be putting A VLOG together on my top 10 tips for wedding planning- from bridal party selection, to timelines to all the crap to stay away from! -stay tuned!

If you’re about to get married or just got married CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it to your biggest moment of your life yet!!!! So happy for you!!!

Visit back soon for the VLOG or subscribe so you receive it in your inbox once it’s up! 



Life is Good. 

God is good. Life is good. So excited to be married to the love of my life!!!! Video blog to come soon about the dos and don’ts of wedding planning!!!! Stay Tuned!!!!! 

I’m So Proud Of You

“I’m so proud of you. I just wanted to tell you incase no one has.”

Sometimes we all need that little pat on the back! Often times, we might not hear it from others, and so I think it’s important to always remind yourself of how you got to where you are. You brought yourself here! Whether you are in the spot you want to be, wanting to make a life change or moving forward toward a goal, don’t forget to stop and appreciate where you are in the present. Hard work gets you to where you want to be- and so many times I think we worry about the end, that we don’t enjoy the in between. 

So if you need this today, I’m proud of you— and if you know someone else who needs it, pass it on. 

❤️ Aurora

Be Soft.

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”


I love this saying! In a world where everyone takes everything so personal and has their negative input against this or that, how amazing of a reminder it is to see that it’s okay for us to still feel positive about where we are. I constantly find myself in this internal conflict of whether or not to be consumed by those who are negative, as opposed to staying where I want to be- the positive side. Help me out here, but how many of you can think of one or two people in your life who are always negative? Whether they complain about every day things, gossip about others or tear others down or give their viewpoint about something, but it always seems to have a rain cloud over it. Isn’t it draining?? I interact with people like this at random, and those moments with them (and usually moments following) I feel so overwhelmed and drained. How can someone feel like that all the time? I imagine it’s difficult, and viewing the world where it’s always raining has to steam from more pain than I’m aware of. I just hate the effect I down times allow it to have on me. 

A friend of mine from high school wrote on his senior picture to me “Aurora, don’t let the world change who you are.” And this has always stuck with me as I navigate negative situations as they arise. It’s so important to remain who you are, even when faced with something you feel it’s easy to fall into. 

The world is a beautiful place… and my little itty bitty blog will always serve as the constant reminder of that. We all are entitled to our bad days (trust me… I’ve had a dozen or two), but I think it’s always important to remember life is good. Being alive is good… and the only person who impacts that viewpoint is you.



It’s Healthy to Spend Time Alone

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” – Oscar Wilde 
I’ve been hanging on to this quote for a long time… and I think it’s because it makes so much sense and is probably applicable for so many people. It is so easy to fall into the relationship you’re in and to slowly find yourself being defined by it. Whether it’s spending every moment with that person, living with them, or finding yourself only being with them 98% of the time… You no longer act/view yourself as 1… But rather 2.

There is nothing wrong with this. 

I think too many times when our girlfriends (or guy friends) fall into this realm, it’s so easy to cast them as the friend who got away or the one who got a boyfriend/girlfriend and disappeared. I don’t always think this is the case. All people want love. We all want love. When you find the person worth that much of your time and the one you want to be with, you deserve to take that time.

Throughout my entire relationship, (even up to and including my engagement), I have always made it a point to find time for myself. Call it “me time” or “girls night out,” but that time away is essential. As a woman I know I need it, but it’s also important for all women I know to want it too.

This topic resonates with me because I know what it’s like to feel defined by another and unsure if you’re capable of standing on your own two feet.  The truth is, you can never be happy with others if you’re not happy with yourself… and if you can’t stand on your own. This is a truth that I know in time I had to think about myself.

The answer is balance. How do you find this? I think that over a period of time, I felt confident enough in what I offered as a person, to feel secure in most areas of my life. This takes time, practice and understanding that sometimes you have to walk without the safety net to know you are safe.  In the picture perfect world- you end up with who you want and live happily ever after- the more difficult part of this is making sure you’re confident in who you are first!

To loving yourself first ❤️

Xx Aurora

2016- Your New Year

It’s here! The New Year is upon us and it’s time to make some changes!!! I love the beginning of each New Year because it’s that refreshing only-get-once-a-year type of feeling where you know you have a chance to make a change!  

 The new book of “opportunity” is blank. This is your chance to make that one great stride toward the change you want to happen! What is it… weight loss? Getting healthier? Finding a new job? Applying to (a new) school? Rebuilding that one relationship you’ve been meaning to? No matter what, the New Year presents an opportunity to spark the difference you want to make in your life.  

 So what’s your resolution? What do you want to change? Once you can identify that, you need to set your markers on how you’re going to reach your goal. You can’t make a change in your life unless you’re  challenged by it and work at it every day. 

So this is what I am focusing on. I am going to continue practicing what I preech and thinking positivity. I know that this is not as easy as it seems– but I also know the importance of trying as hard as you can to do so. Positivity is the approach I am taking going into 2016! In addition to this, I also want to live a healthier life. For myself and my future, this is extremely important to me. I’m getting married this coming May, and entering into my marriage in good health is something I want to achieve. And I’m going for it head on. I think better habits, positive thinking, eating well and loving yourself ultimately can lead to happiness. This is why I’ll be focusing on these things in the New Year. 


The above needs no explanation. I promise you if you commit to the changes you want, they will happen. What motivation do you need to spark the change you want? I’m sending you all the light and positivity you’ll need to get started! If you can, share yours with me! 

Happy New Year- thank you for the continued support! I have some great things in store for 2016!.. So please check back often! 

Sending you love and well wishes in the New Year,

Aurora ✨🌟