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Move. You’re Not A Tree.

You Are Not A Tree

” If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.”

What a quick reminder of reality. Sometimes we think we’re stuck in a situation or worry about circumstances, and don’t realize that they are just that- situations and circumstances. Too often, I think we forgot that have have power over both of these things in all aspects of our lives. This sits most recently with me, as I’ve come to the realization that things I am currently unhappy with, can change… and that I have the power to make that happen, when I want. That’s the key to getting what you want, deserve, are looking for… you make it happen by flipping the switch.

Do you want to lose weight/create healthier habits? Are you in a relationship that you feel you shouldn’t be? At a job where you know you need to try something new? Or maybe you’re looking to start a relationship, get on the dating scene, or take up a new hobby- YOU have the power to jump-start all of these things and to make them happen for yourself-NOW.

That’s what this means… YOU, ARE NOT, A TREE. The only thing rooting you down is yourself. The things you want to change, can change, you just have to hit the start button.

From one former tree to another,

Aurora Beani

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Being Able To Move Forward From Personal Fears And Suffering


“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”

I’m so hard on myself. Do you ever feel the same? Ever have something happen to you, whether it’s a moment of something hurtful or it was over a period of time, and you just can’t let it go? You allow this occurrence to take up so much room in your heart and mind, and feel like you’re about to drive yourself crazy? In reality, I’d say it’s comparable to self torture.

You take the occurrence that happens, and allow it to snowball in your mind {to places it shouldn’t be} and let it effect your daily thoughts and mood. It’s so sad, and unnecessary for us to do this to ourselves.

While I know it is easier said than done {I’m living proof of this all time!}, it’s so important to take these burdens off your shoulders and try to move into a more positive, suffer-free future.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I’ve had things over the last few months I let continuously bother me. Where I found that many of us do it too, is in recent situations where friends and family have shared their suffering as well.

We hold onto relations we shouldn’t, hurt ourselves with past disappointments and rather than move on from it, we sometimes stick with that suffering because it’s familiar and what we’re used to. It’s easier to stand still sometimes rather than deal with the fear of moving forward. I get it… Because I’ve done {and do} it.

So what do you do to move forward? You tell yourself what you would tell a friend… And do it. Ever feel like you can give great advice, but when it comes to taking it, you can’t? While it’s always easier said than done, you owe yourself the opportunity to move past the negative in your life and to open a new perspective.

So as I write this, I am committing to closing a door that has bothered me for awhile, and am choosing to put down a cross I have carried, knowing it will improve my overall well being and mental solitude.

Take your advice you’d give to a good friend and run with it. You deserve to put the past BEHIND you and move forward. And I’m not saying it’ll be easy, I’m saying you can’t head down the road, until you take the first step.

♡-Aurora Beani

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The Loss of Friendships


This is something I’ve wanted to talk about for awhile, because I’ve seen some friendships around me fall apart, and seeing how it has effected the ones I care about has made me wonder what others think. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt as though I lost someone’s friendship that really meant a lot to me, but over the last year or two, I’ve seen some of my best friends lose close friends to them, and I’ve lost a close friendship of mine as well.

A close friendships that dissolves can be painful. In a conversation I’ve had recently about this, I said losing a close friend feels like a breakup. Isn’t that the truth though? This person hasn’t died, they didn’t move, they probably are still in the same proximity to you as they were when you were close, but all of a sudden, they stop actively taking a part in your life and you in theirs.

At 26, I look back in my life and see all of the ‘best friends’ I had and who meant a lot to me all these years, and it’s easy to see that we lose a lot of our close friendships along the way simply because of maturity, different interests, life, etc. These aren’t the friendships I’m talking about. Of course, many of us have friends that we’ve had almost our whole lives, and those are friendships I believe we need to cherish and nurture… But not all of these friendships have lasted until now.

At this stage in my life, being in my mid-twenties, I believe that friendships we lose at this point and forward are because of an extreme situation, immaturity or the inability to see eye to eye (or understand) the person you once knew very well who now looks like a stranger.

Extreme situations and maturity often go hand-in-hand, because while we all have moments where we wish we would have said/did things differently, as long as the level of maturity and respect is there in the friendship, the relationship you have and want to preserve will always prevail. Hold on to these friends. I have people like this in my life, and I’m more and more thankful for them everyday. Apologies, an open mind and understanding go father than you could ever imagine.

The inability to see eye-to-eye with someone you once really cared about, is the hardest one to swallow. This typically stems from the maturity issue or extreme situation that one of you we’re unable to step up to and discuss. This is one that I feel mostly effects me, and makes me upset to look back on, as I’ve always tried to be someone who looks for the best in tough situations, and wants anything more than to resolve issues and move forward. It is hurtful, when the person, or people, on the opposite end cannot, or refuse to do the same.

Any friendship worth fighting for needs understanding, openness and maturity.

The friendships we lose, where we just don’t understand what happened, are the ones that either deserve another chance, or are the ones you were fortunate to get away from. If in your heart you know you’ve done all you can to salvage a relationship and it still isn’t alive, it’s okay to let it go and move on, for yourself. If you have a past friendship that you think about and wish you had done things differently, regret is the worst form of self-hurt. It’s never too late to make things right.

I’m interested in hearing what others think about this.

Have a great day friends,


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The Importance of Birthdays


Anyone who knows me, knows I make an incredibly big deal about birthdays. My entire life, I’ve made these days special for myself, my family and friends whenever and wherever possible. From decorating friends desks in grade school, lockers in high school, cars in college, to now planning surprise parties, hosting parties and making sure every one feels extra special on their day, one way or another. I’ll admit it, I love birthdays! It’s the one day a year that is all about you and you can enjoy life, carefree.

So many times I come across people who don’t enjoy their day, and tell me “who cares it’s just another day, no need to celebrate.” UGH. I welcome these comments as a personal challenge, as I have no idea how everyone can’t experience the excitement that I feel. I wonder who taught them that it’s a normal day, and why don’t they take time to feel a little bit special and enjoy themselves? These people motivate me to make birthdays even more special for the ones I love, as they have me in their corner to help make their birthday a little more sparkly.

Why else do I see importance in birthdays? For me, I compare April 11th (my day), to the New Year. In recent years, as I’ve grown more into womanhood, I’ve decided to look at the new birth year as an opportunity to keep moving forward and challenge myself to reach another goal or aspiration that I’ve been vying for. When I turned 25,  I knew I wanted to start a website and inspire others to be their best self. Having begun this process, how can I take it a step further? What is going to take me to the place I’ve been dying to go? This is still the exciting, challenging part when I look ahead to year 29– “where will I go next?”

The new birth year, much like the turn of the year on Dec 31st, allows us to reflect on what happened over the last year: things we’re happy about, not so happy about, successes, failures, steps forward, steps backwards, new relationships, letting go of old relationships… everything.

Your birthday is an amazing opportunity for progress! When it is your birthday, take time to truly reflect and see what you’re thankful for in your life and what you deeply wish for in the next year to come. Whether it’s a separate moment throughout your day when you stop and breathe for a few minutes, or laying in bed at night, you deserve to take in the special moments of your day and feel good. We all deserve it.

To the amazing people in my life who believe in birthdays, and helped to make 29 amazing already, I love you more than you know and appreciate your faith and commitment to birthdays. Having all of you in my life makes me thankful for all that I have, and all the fabulous friendships I have in you.

Happy Birthday, to me. :]