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Random Acts of Kindness Day


“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.”- Martin Kornfeld

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!!!!! That’s right, today is the one day where all of us need to get out there and do something special for someone! It doesn’t matter where you are!… At home, at work, in the super market, out to lunch or dinner, driving… ANYWHERE is the perfect spot to do something special for someone who doesn’t expect it!

At work? Here are by few ideas you can do right here from you office or workplace!::

::Buy a strangers coffee
::Buy your office their coffee
::Pay for the person behind you at lunch
::Text someone you appreciate and tell them, out of no where
::Smile at everyone you see {you’d be surprised how this can make someone’s day!!}
::Compliment someone today! {Don’t you appreciate that hen it’s unexpected?}
::Someone in the office been asking you for help/assistance with something? Help them today!
::Give a lottery ticket to a stranger
::Invite someone you know is alone over for dinner
::Put a quarter in an expired parking meter

At home? Or later tonight after work?:::

::Someone behind you have a small order at the super market? Pay for it
::Write a letter of appreciation to your mailman/paperboy/garbage men
::Grabbing dinner on your way home? Some fast food? Pay for the person behind you!
::Log onto your favorite organizations website and donate a random amount of money today
::Post on a friends FB or social network wall/page and brighten their day with something
::Make your kids their favorite meal tonight. No special reason, just because
::Send a snail mail to someone who might appreciate it! {I’m gonna do this one for my grandma!}
::Donate clothing you know you won’t need. The holidays are around the corner
::Send a letter to our military
::Open the phone book, pick a random name and send them some cheer {movie tickets, book, appreciation card etc}
::Know someone having a hard time? Put some $ in an envelope and anonymously give it to them

And most of all PAY IT FORWARD. When you do something good for someone, it makes them want to do good for others! This means in an anonymous act, let the person know it’s a Random Act of Kindness and they should pay it forward! We make a difference in people’s lives every single day, why not make sure it’s in a positive way?

Isn’t it amazing to see how one simple act of kindness can have a chain reaction? We all have the power to do it, so why not do it today? I’d be excited to hear some of the amazing things you guys do! Below are some random act of kindness I have done, in addition to some friends have shared me with me!!!

To the people whose lives you’ll add sparkle to today! βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«

Xo- Aurora Beani





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