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Becoming the CFF Lehigh Valley Top Fundraiser of The Finest Under Forty


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this case is no different. What this billboard signifies for Cystic Fibrosis and how I feel personally about our 2013 success is indescribable. I’m pictured on this billboard because I was originally identified as one of the top fundraisers here in the Lehigh Valley among the Finest Under Forty Honorees for CFF. As of Oct 18, at our awards gala, I was named Top Fundraiser, raising $13,920!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! My fellow honorees and the Northeast Chapter within the Valley raised a whopping $75,000 for the cure.

Simply inspirational.

The journey over the last few months has been educational, rewarding and a ton of fun! Over my three big events- Guest Bartending at Vision Bar (Sands Event Center), The Cystic Fibrosis Luau and lastly my Softball Tournament, over 200 different people supported these events, gained insight as to what this disease is, and contributed toward the cure to save lives.

To say I’m blown away by the support and participation everyone has offered the last few months is an understatement. My family and friends coming from New York multiple times; numerous donations to help with events from friends, family, local businesses; discounts on product or shirts simply to make our expenses a little less; encouraging words and motivation randomly sent to me on Facebook, Twitter, in letters, passing etc– ALL of this has made the journey fun, inspirational, moving and worthwhile. To know the support I’ve had the last few months has contributed to our tremendous success for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation feels amazing.

All of you are amazing. And I’m so thankful to have each and everyone one of you in my life. YOU helped create and drive the momentum that has made such a huge impact for those living with CF.

Before my award speech, I found out that my amazing friends and community partners at Target helped aid CFF in getting a 5,000 grant in my name… Yes, $5,000!!!!!! I was and STILL AM blown away by this!!! Support, support, support. This helped pave the way for the rest of my speech, and it was so apparent to me that the people in my corner are unlike no other, and truly have hearts for giving and paying it forward. In being surrounded by over 40 of my closest friends, family and co-workers I can truly tell you that this was one of the most amazing nights of my life. The love in the room was undeniable and I feel so completely blessed to have had the opportunity to be a Finest Under Forty Honoree for CFF.

You yourself have the power to move mountains if you make goals and set your limits beyond the skies. When you have an army of support beside you, there is no telling what you can do, but I can guarantee it’s bound to be amazing.

Thank you for creating the Sparkle with me the last few months, it’s been an incredible ride.

Love, Aurora Beani

{CFF Gala Pictures Below!}











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